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Thank you so much for the beautiful work you have done helping my
family document some of the biggest moments in our lives.  Our wedding
and engagement pictures are proudly displayed around our house and
those of our extended family and we receive compliments on them all of
the time.  I love that we can consider you the "Askins/O'Mallley
Family Photographer" and that my parents, brothers, and I have been
able to call on you for 2 sets of engagement pictures, 2 sets of
wedding pictures, a senior picture session, 2 sets of newborn pictures
here soon, and I'm sure many more in the future.

To potential future clients: I have to say that in the very beginning
we were a little nervous about Tory's youth and assumed that equated
to a lack of experience, boy were we wrong.  She has years of
beautiful picture-taking practice under her belt, and the fact that
she is so young and already running a successful business WHILE being
a full-time student only shows how hard working a dedicated she really
is.  We have recommended her to many of our family and friends, and as
mentioned before, have used her services many times ourselves.  I
received one of Tory's gift certificates for Christmas and I can
honenstly say that it was one of my favorite presents under the tree
this year. :-)

Thanks Again Tory!
Megan & Joe Askins

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